We are proud to be certified by the Green Burial Council as a Green Burial Services Provider.

The Green Burial Council works to make burial more sustainable, economically viable, and meaningful, by promoting environmentally friendly burial practices for those who desire a funeral in harmony with the earth.  In offering easy access to natural burial services, we promote good stewardship by making it possible for families to care for the Earth as we care for their loved ones.

Green and Natural Funerals are reminiscent of a bygone time when it was a custom for families to bury their deceased loved ones in a way that allowed the body to return to the earth naturally.

For families who desire more intimate involvement in a farewell tribute to their loved one, as well as for those who are concerned about the environment, natural burial is a uniquely fitting and truly inspired choice.  It is both a caring commitment and a profoundly moving memorial.  Since we made the commitment to offer natural burial, over the years many families have chosen services of this type to honor their departed loved ones.

Families may opt for services at home, in our funeral home, at their place of worship or other location, or simply at the graveside. Services can be officiated by a clergyman, funeral celebrant, family member or friend--anyone, really, according to the family's preference. They may choose to honor their loved one by inviting those present to share thoughts and memories, or participate in other meaningful ways. We can help plan the service of choice.

For those not familiar with a natural burial ground, we recommend a look at Rosemont Cemetery, in Stockton NJ.

For those who already own space or prefer burial in another cemetery, we can arrange for a green funeral there.  If a burial vault is required by the cemetery, we can provide one that allows contact with the earth.

We do have a few package options available on our Natural Burial Pricelist.